Urchin 4

"Urchin Four” has been selected to appear on the cover of the
2018/2019 Blick Art Materials catalog, to be published soon!


Exhibition Catalog for Storytellers

Storytellers: A Path to the Known
Solo Exhibition Catalog featuring the ceramic sculpture of Melanie Ferguson
Cavin-Morris Gallery, NYC


Congratulations to Howard/Mandville Gallery who will be moving from their Kirkland location to their new home at Pondera Winery in Woodinville, Washington, the end of June 2018. Stop by for their final show in the Kirkland location: “28th Anniversary Show - Our Journey Continues” through the end of June 2018. Check back for re-opening dates at their new location.



Opening March 22 - April 28, 2018, “Extended through June 03, 2018” Gallery 1 at Cavin-Morris Gallery
A solo exhibition featuring new ceramic works from the Storyteller series and recently released works from artist’s archive collection of works.
Cavin-Morris Gallery
210 11th Ave, Ste 201, New York, NY
For further information and hours please email, or call 212-226-3768.

Solo Exhibition October 12 - November 9, 2017
Tansey Contemporary Denver, CO

Main Gallery, August 25 - September 12, 2017, by artist invitation

Stairway To The Midnight Sun
"Stairway To The Midnight Sun" 2017
Direct purchase inquires to Tansey Contemporary Denver

June 13 - July 29, 2017
"This exhibition is a meditation on one of the oldest art materials known to man, one of the least limiting and most versatile mediums. Cavin-Morris combined selected works by some of the most sophisticated ceramic artists we exhibit, including Rebecca Buck, Simcha Even-Chen, Melanie Ferguson, Yukiya Izumita, Kentaro Kawabata, Young Bin Lim, Shozo Michikawa, Akihiro Nikaido, Rafa Perez, Sarah Purvey, Tim Rowan, Keiichi Shimizu, Phyllis Kudder Sullivan, Kai Tsujimura, Mike Weber, and Jane Wheeler and set them alongside ceramic sculptures from the Middle East, India, Greece and Pre-Columbian America. This exhibition highlights the intense demands of clay from culture to culture, accentuating the fluidity of its eternal potential."
Cavin-Morris Gallery
210 11th Ave, Ste 201, New York, NY
For further information please email, or call 212-226-3768.

“MAKING IT IN CRAFTS III - Art Museum of Greater Lafayette”
May 12 - August 27, 2017
Invitational exhibition showcasing work by distinguished national artisans, curated by Jim Sondgeroth
Art Museum of Greater Lafayette
102 S. 10th Street, Lafayette, IN
For further information call 765-742-1128

A Sonata Before Dinner
"A Sonata Before Dinner"

"O My Cookies, My Bean, My Cocopop"

"Dark Juniper"

Group Exhibition, Curated by Jane Sauer
October 7 – November 11, 2016
Tansey Contemporary, 652 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501

"EARTH SKIN: New Ceramics at Cavin-Morris"
September 8 - October 8, 2016
Spotlight Exhibition: Rafa Perez, Melanie Ferguson and Tim Rowan
Cavin-Morris Gallery
210 11th Ave, Ste 201, New York, NY
For further information please email, or call 212-226-3768.


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ENFLAMED! New Ceramics at Cavin-Morris Gallery
Thursday, June 17 - August 14, 2015
New ceramics at Cavin-Morris Gallery with Akira Satake, Kukuli Velarde, Melanie Ferguson, Youngbin Lim, Sarah Purvey, Tim Rowan, Eddie Curtis, Lesley McInally, Mitch Iburg, Akihiro Nikaidou, Simcha Even-Chen, Rebecca Buck, Shozo Michikawa, Rafa Pérez, and others.
Read the Hyperallergic "Enflamed" Review here.

Enflamed Catalog
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Corrina's Dance

"Corrina's Dance" was selected to appear on all promotional materials for De La Naturaleza, an exhibition of contemporary ceramic art at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, in partnership with the Central Ohio Clay Arts (COCA), opening January 9 - March 6, 2016.

2014 Inspirational Magazine - Creative Arts

Feature Artist, Premier Issue: Autumn/Fall 2014, Editor/Author: John Hopper

Maximall Gallery: New Dimension of Art
Feature artist, October 2013

Lead With Your Heart

The Art of Healing: A Visual Arts Benefit Exhibition
"Lead With Your Heart" (2013) was acquired for the permanent art collection of the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine, Southeast Alabama Medical Center Foundation.